Meet Mary Varga

Mary Varga is an author, a business owner, a group fitness instructor, and a certified personal trainer living in Louisville, KY. She is also the survivor of a traumatic brain injury in 1997.

Because of the challenges she experienced with her physical mobility after her brain injury, Mary left a long career in hospital and healthcare marketing to help individuals who may be at risk of losing their own physical fitness. Her business SilverStrength® serves both seniors and brain injury survivors.

Mary is on the board of directors of the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky and sits on the Kentucky Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund board. As an advocate for brain injury survivors, she is also able to help them maintain their physical fitness through regular group exercise classes.

In Life Happens, Mary’s blog will give subscribers regular tips for embracing God’s grace and learning to live with courage through all the twists and turns in life. She will pepper these ideas with fitness tips to improve your mobility. 

Mary’s book, The Light Through My Tunnel was published in 2017. An updated version with a new subtitle was republished in 2019. Between these dates, she found time to publish The Afflicted Healer, that includes chapters from fifteen (15)  Body, Mind and Spirit guest authors.  She has also had stories and articles published in other publications including 3 stories in “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.

Mary has one grown son, Andrew Daugherty who looks just like her. She was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky with a very large family. It’s been said that you can tell a Varga a mile away. So if you meet a Varga in Louisville, they are probably related to Mary…and may look like her too!

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